Category: Side Dishes

Maryjanes Chicken Sausage Portabellas

This is a quick and easy recipe for a great appetizer or side dish and because it's not too potent it's the perfect way to start your Cannabis Cuisine dinner party !

Stuffed Cannabis Peppers

This stuffed bell pepper recipe makes a great side dish or even a meal in itself. It's packed with rice, meat, seasonings and a hint of cannabinoids to add a relaxing effect.

Ganja Greek Pasta Salad

This perfect pasta salad is delicious, healthy and filling... and it's fun for everyone!

Basque and Bud Salad

This flavorful salad makes an excellent side dish or appetizer and will keep you healthy... and happy !

Cannabis Spinach and Prosciutto

This Cannabis Spinach and Prosciutto recipe is a great side dish or appetizer for your next gathering, with just enough cannabis to heighten your appetite and your senses!

Canna-Reuben Soup

This hearty soup recipe is a meal in itself. It will satisfy the heartiest of appetites and leave you blissfully relaxed.

Marijuana Mushrooms Glazed

Here is a quick and easy side dish or appetizer that will satisfy your palette and leave your eyes... glazed !

Happy Eggplant Appetizer

This is something different for all you egg "heads", it's healthy for the body and happy for the head !

Kannabis Kale and Mushroom

This a very healthy side dish with a light effect to help keep your body in tune and your mind infused !