Category: Side Dishes

Halibut Steak with Ganja Green Sauce

This easy to make Halibut Steak recipe will leave your guests relaxed and thinking your a gourmet chef !

Cannabis Zucchini Alfredo

Cannabis Zucchini Alfredo

Cannabis Portobello Pasta Casserole

Nothing goes together like Marijuana and Mushrooms and this medicinal meal will serve both up in about comfort food!

Cannabis Roasted Asparagus

Cannabis Roasted Asparagus is one of the tastiest ways to enjoy this healthy and nutritious veggie and get the effect from your favorite cannabis strain.

Marijuana Mango Fried Rice

This fried rice recipe adds the tangy taste of mango and the healing effect of cannabis all in one satisfying dish!

Bacon Cheddar Pot Potatoes

This delicious side dish is actually a meal in itself. Bacon Cheddar "POT" potatoes will get you bakin!


Canna-Stuffing is the perfect holiday side dish... guaranteed to leave you stuffed and couch locked !

“Baked” Yams

Get Baked with these sweet holiday yams.

Canna-Apple Sauce

Canna-Apple Sauce is a simple to make , but incredibly satisfying... it goes down oh so smooth!