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Edgy Egg Nog

Edgy Egg Nog is a delicious treat to share with others to enhance the Holiday Cheer !

Mushroom Bud Bourguignon

This incredibly sumptuous dish will please even the most demanding of palates...and leave you blissfully satisfied!

Marinated Pot Pretzels

If pretzels weren't addictive enough these marinated munchies will be hard to put down... and you won't be getting up anytime soon after eating them!

Stuffed Stoner Mushrooms

These mushrooms are not only Magical in their effect... they taste absolutely scrumptious!

Canna-Oil Poached Tuna

For all you Ahi lovers out there this is a delicious and healthy way to catch your favorite fish... and a buzz!

Canna Banana Bread Bars

Canna Banana Bread Bars with Canna Butter Frosting are the ultimate high potency snack that are so scrumptious... each bite is a little taste of heaven!

CannaButter Schnitzel

This is not your grandma's Butter Schnitzel... incredibly tasty, filling and with a kick!

Pot Parmesan Chicken Get Baked

This Parmesan Chicken Bake will satisfy your appetite and leave you a little baked as well !

Marijuana Brownies without the gluten, sugar and carbs

Not so traditional Marijuana brownies. Made without sugar or flour, these treats will make the top of your gluten free list!