Baked Hot Wings

The perfect snack to get couch locked and binge your favorite shows !

Kannabis Kale Salad

Cannabis and Kale are two of natures most healthy you can have them both in a delicious salad!

Spicy Cannabis Muffins

Here is a great flavor combination, sweet and spicy, this is a muffin with a bite and a kick !

Cannasparagus Wraps

Cannasparagus Wraps are sure to be a hit at your next dinner party...the perfect appetizer !

Cannabis Infused Honey

Making Honey Tincture is easy, and can be used in so many recipes to add a sweet and delightful experience for your mind and your palate!

Canna-Cabbage Salad

Try this Canna-Cabbage Salad for a tasty and refreshing meal...who says eating healthy can't be fun!

Cannabis Cinnabon

This Cannabis Cinnabon is the best way to start the day with a hot cup of coffee... just make sure it's your day off !

Marinated Pot Pretzels

If pretzels weren't addictive enough these marinated munchies will be hard to put down... and you won't be getting up anytime soon after eating them!

Ganja Gummy Bears

Ganja Gummy Bears are a cannabis candy classic... and now you can make your own at home!