Category: Condiments and Sauces

Cannabis Cream Cheese Alfredo Sauce

This Cannabis Cream Cheese Alfredo recipe is a superbly rich and satisfying sauce that is perfect with so many recipes...making it a very potent addition to just about any dish !

Sativa Rosee Sauce

Sativa Rosee Sauce is the sauce of all sauces. It has everything we love in a good sauce and cannabis !

Cannabis Rum Sauce

Cannabis Rum Sauce is a delicious and relaxing treat that can be added to just about anything... just use your imagination!

Alfredo Sativa Sauce

This Alfredo recipe is perfect over, pasta, veggies, just about anything, and it will leave you.. sauced !


Add this BBQ sauce to any dish to give it that perfect flavor... and a Boom !

Cannabis Spinach Alfredo Sauce

One of my favorite sauces with a healthy and relaxing twist.

Pot Pesto Sauce

This Pot Pesto Sauce is a great way to enjoy the medicinal benefits of eating fresh raw cannabis.

Cannabis Italian Dressing

The perfect dressing for Salad and Cannabis lovers to have on hand!


Canna-Flour is a great way to infuse bread and other recipes with your favorite strain for relaxing or medicinal use!