Cannabis Cuisine Recipes

We are indeed living in amazing times. Cannabis is finding it’s way back home and into our daily lives.  And now with the ever growing list of cannabis recipes… back into our stomachs !

As more states legalize and the cannabis industry gains momentum across our great nation we are starting to see cannabis making it’s way into the culinary world.

From mom’s kitchen to world class restaurants the list of cannabis infused recipes is growing everyday as cooks and chefs explore and experiment with adding cannabis to all types of meals , deserts and even beverages.

From simple mac and cheese to more exotic dishes a renaissance in cooking with cannabis is under way that goes beyond anything we have ever seen in the past… and we are only just beginning this journey !

Here at Cannabis Cuisine our passion is exploring this new era with you , sharing with you our own recipes, as well as providing resources from many of the innovators in this newly minted industry.

So much is being learned about the subtleties of cannabis recipes. For example chefs with very discerning taste buds are doing ground breaking research on how to use the different strains of cannabis to best enhance recipes based on various food types.

For example some strains have a very citrus flavor and others taste like pine or have more of a minty taste which is created by the terpenes and flavinoids found in cannabis.  Naturally certain recipes will reward the palate better if these nuances are taken into account when preparing meals.

The other part of the equation of course is how to properly infuse cannabis recipes with just the right amount of potency so that your fine dining experience has a a blissfully relaxed ending and not one that is overwhelming.