Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are gaining popularity everyday for people all over the world as an alternative to smoking.  Not too long ago when someone thought of ingesting “marijuana” as it used to be called, the first thing that came to mind was pot brownies or cookies.

Back in the day when mom and dad made their pot brownies, they would just mix in some raw cannabis, probably just some ground up leaf material, throw it in with some brownie mix and off it went into the oven… didn’t they know about decarboxylation!

No of course not, they probably didn’t even know about THC, nor did they care care for that matter, they were having fun, and listening to real music !

Well one thing is for sure, today’s brownies are not your dads brownies… Wow we sure have come a long way haven’t we !

In fact modern cannabis strains are at 20% with some pushing 30% THC ratios, so today’s edibles can pack a real punch. Of course common sense should be used when consuming edibles , you don’t want to over do it , that’s no fun anymore than drinking too much !

Who could have imagined 20 years ago …cannabis hard candy, lolly pops, chocolate bars, chewing gum and the list goes on and on with no end in site to the onslaught of new treats coming out… cannabis is coming back into style !

Of course this amazing plant has been enjoyed by humans for thousands of years, and yes it’s had its ups and downs as political climates have changed, but now we are entering a new age, its a cannabis revolution… break out the gummy bears !

As with any revolution there is going to be quite a bit of evolution,that means cannabis edibles in every shape color and oh so delightful flavors…it’s almost too good to be true !

Of course brownies, cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, and other deserts fall into the edibles category too, who knows what people will think of next, especially if they have already had a few of these tasty potent treats !

Here at Cannabis Cuisine our mission is to share with you recipes, insights, tips and other useful minutia about the ever growing cannabis edible industry and how to enjoy this new age of cannabis enlightenment.

So break out your taste buds and lets get started on this flavor filled, mind altering journey !