Cooking With Cannabis

Cooking with cannabis is a excellent way to enjoy delicious cuisine and get the health and recreational benefits from your favorite cannabis strains.  Just about any recipe can be infused with cannabis using cannabutter or canna oil to give your gourmet meal the perfect kick !

Cannabis Cuisine is a resource for tips and techniques on all things related to the cannabis culinary world.  We will be sharing with you great recipes as well as how to make and use the concentrates needed for infusing your cannabis cuisine.

We will also keep you updated on  cannabis cooking courses  that provide extensive training on how to make cannabis concentrates and how to utilize them in your recipes for the desired effect for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Using cannabis in your favorite dishes is the prefect alternative to smoking, allowing you to safely consume this amazing plant. This is why it’s popularity in kitchens around the world continues to grow exponentially.

Of course common sense must always be used when consuming cannabis !  Its so important to take the time to educate yourself about the plant’s properties , how to utilize them in your cooking and experiment with the potency in all of your recipes.

Cannabis Cuisine restaurants are also sprouting up in cities everywhere specializing in cannabis infused dishes as their core business model and changing the definition of fine dining to “Edible Entertainment”.

Our goal her at Cannabis Cuisine is to share, inform and educate people on this new and exciting segment of the cannabis industry.  So join us in the revival of this incredible edible mother nature has provided!