Stuffed Stoner Mushrooms

These mushrooms are not only Magical in their effect... they taste absolutely scrumptious!

Alcohol Based Cannabis Tincture

This is a quick and simple method for making one of natures truly amazing elixirs!

Mushroom Bud Bourguignon

This incredibly sumptuous dish will please even the most demanding of palates...and leave you blissfully satisfied!

Cannabis Chili Verde

Nothing better to warm your bones and leave you relaxed on a cold day then...Cannabis Chili Verde!

Bacon Cheddar Pot Potatoes

This delicious side dish is actually a meal in itself. Bacon Cheddar "POT" potatoes will get you bakin!

Edgy Egg Nog

Edgy Egg Nog is a delicious treat to share with others to enhance the Holiday Cheer !

Canna-Oil Poached Tuna

For all you Ahi lovers out there this is a delicious and healthy way to catch your favorite fish... and a buzz!

Veggie Ganja Lasagna

For all you " Lasagna Lovers" out there you will find this "Ganja Lasagna" is the prefect recipe for happiness!

Canna Banana Bread Bars

Canna Banana Bread Bars with Canna Butter Frosting are the ultimate high potency snack that are so scrumptious... each bite is a little taste of heaven!