Kannabis Kale Salad

By cannabisqueen  

January 7, 2017

Cannabis and Kale are two of natures most healthy plants...now you can have them both in a delicious salad!


1 bunch of kale (chopped finely with stalks removed)

1 heaping cup of organic edamame beans (shelled)

1 large carrot (peeled and grated)

1 small red bell pepper (diced)

1 avocado (pitted and diced into chunks)

1 small red onion (diced finely)

1/4 cup fresh cilantro (chopped)

Add a few leaves of fresh basil (chopped)

1/2 teaspoon salt

2-3 tablespoons of toasted sesame seeds for garnish

For the Cannabis Infused Vinaigrette ( See our Recipe under condiments )


1To start thoroughly wash the kale, bell pepper, carrot and edamame.

2Chop up the kale into bite size shreds, removing the stalks in the process. Place the kale into a large bowl and sprinkle it with 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Toss it all with clean hands, squishing the kale to release the aroma and to mix it well with the salt.

3Next, grate and shred the carrot and add it to the bowl.

4After, pit the avocado, dice it up along with the bell pepper and red onion and toss everything into the bowl containing the kale.

5Then, chop the fresh basil and cilantro and add them to the bowl.

6Now Just add the edamame and some toasted sesame seeds for garnish, and give the salad a good toss.

7To toast sesame seeds, simply heat up a medium skillet over medium heat and roast the sesame seeds for 5 minutes, or until they become fragrant and toasted in color. Make sure to shake the skillet as they are cooking to ensure even browning.

8Proceed to dress the salad with some of the cannabis-vinaigrette, making sure to medicate according to personal needs and tolerances.

9After dressing the salad give it one last toss to make sure it well mixed

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