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Cooking With Cannabis

A journey beyond mom’s home cooking! By T.L. King Cooking with Cannabis can be meditative and enjoyable, especially when you develop the ideal flavor combinations. Cooking with Cannabis is like anything else — it requires practice and some imagination. Considering the variety of unique cuisine opportunities, it really is more than simply baking brownies! Here […]

Cannabis For Animals

New Research Study in California Investigates the Use of Medical Cannabis for Animals The School of Veterinary Medicine at University of California, Davis recently launched a research project to learn more about the use of cannabis products for pets. This project is the first of its kind when it comes to animals. Researchers with the […]

Cannabis Cuisine is the next Big Thing

Though no restaurant chef will come right out and tell you, they’re probably thinking a lot about cannabis cuisine, and so is everyone else in the food business. There’s serious gold in eating green. Marijuana-infused edibles are surging in popularity, accounting for more than half of sales at Colorado dispensaries, and possibly half of the […]

Cannabis Infused Whole Baked Fish

Nothing beats the taste of Baked Fish other than getting baked while enjoying it !   Check out this great recipe from Yum of China !  To make it Cannabis Infused, just make sure to use “Cannabis Infused Grape Seed oil in the recipe. You cannot beat the taste of baked fresh fish. Of all the […]

Top 10 Cannabis Cuisine Chefs

Weed is no longer something that chefs just smoke outside the kitchen door. Now that cannabis is out of the alley, chefs are, too, developing award-winning edibles, staging schmancy cannabis dinners, and pairing pot with food in a way that’s more haute than hippie. So who are cannabis cuisine’s chief innovators? GreenState combed California to […]

Corona Invests in Cannabis Infused Beverages

Constellation Brands, one of the United States’ largest alcohol distributors, has taken a 9.9% stake in the Canadian cannabis firm Canopy Growth, according to a report by Jennifer Maloney and David George-Cosh in the Wall Street Journal. Canopy and Constellation say they plan to develop cannabis-infused beverages for the legal adult market. Constellation Brands just […]

Selling Edibles In California

The sale and regulation of cannabis-infused food products (a.k.a. edibles) is uncharted territory in the new landscape of recreational cannabis. The issues Colorado experienced with edibles in their first year of legalization—such as inconsistent THC servings, consumption by children and accidental consumption by adults—have caused other states to move forward with trepidation and tighter regulations. […]

Cannabis Decarboxylation

Did you know that raw cannabis is non-psychoactive? The herb only becomes psychoactive when two things happen. First, when the bud dries and ages. Second, when the cannabis is heated. More psychoactive compounds are created by heating the plant than via ageing. In order to release the full potential of marijuana’s psychoactive effects, you must […]