Cooking With Cannabis

A journey beyond mom’s home cooking!
By T.L. King

Cooking with Cannabis can be meditative and enjoyable, especially when you develop the ideal flavor combinations. Cooking with Cannabis is like anything else — it requires practice and some imagination. Considering the variety of unique cuisine opportunities, it really is more than simply baking brownies!

Here are some suggestions and tips to help you get started off in the world of Cannabis Cuisine!

Unless it is your intent to medicate while cooking, I suggest putting on disposable food-grade gloves while preparing Cannabis dishes. If you love to taste the food while you prepare, take care not to consume too much before the guest’s arrive!.

Most Cannabis Cooking is dependent on using Cannabis Butter and oils. You can get these in Cannabis dispensaries, but they are often pricey, as well as the THC content may not be accurate. Making your own butter and oils is the first step in turning into a Cannabis Chef!

Remember that Cannabis butter and oils have distinct smell and taste. Experiment with ingredients which compliment one another.

Make use of a THC calculator to ensure that you serve appropriate servings based on THC content.

Tips for Making Cannabis Butter:

When producing cannabis butter or oil, use extra virgin olive oil and unsalted butter. I also discover that making large batches at one time is more practical, plus your cooking lasts long after season harvest!

Cheese cloth is one way to strain the butter from the plant material, however you can lose a lot of product. Try a French Coffee Press instead

Store cannabis infused oils in dark cool area (60-70 degrees F). You can also freeze your butter to last the longest.

When making butter, use lined cup cake pans as butter molds. Measure ¼ cup in each mold and refrigerate. Once hardened, you can freeze individual molds and thaw only the amount required for cooking.

You do not have to have the bud of the Cannabis plant to make good quality butter or oil. Instead save and use all of the cuttings and shake from your fall harvest (dried). These are full of THC and make great butter and oils! Also ask fellow growers for free clippings, or in exchange for some baked goods.

Bon ‘Apatite

T.L. King is a Cannabis Chef living in Northern California. She also runs a Cannabis recipe web site at and the Author of the book “Cooking with Cannabis“, A source for culinary cuisine.

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