How To Make Concentrates

As the cannabis industry continues to grow each year  cannabis concentrates are becoming widely available at recreational and medicinal dispensaries around the country.

While the use of cannabis concentrates has been around for thousands of years the extraction process and certainly the potency level is advancing dramatically along with the technology used in the process.

There are 6 basic types of concentrates that have become popular with both recreational and medical users , some that are fairly simple to manufacture, while others require more advanced knowledge, experience and the proper equipment.

1. Kief is simply the trichomes that have been removed from the plant material.
2. Hash is the trichomes or resin that has been compressed to form small bricks.
3. Hash oil is a more modern concentrate requiring the use of solvents , very potent and commonly used when dabbing.
4. Co2 oil is a concentrate requiring expensive extraction equipment operating at high pressure.
5. CDB / RSO oil was developed by Rick Simpson of Canada for the purpose of treating cancer. The extraction process for RSO oil also utilizes solvents and heat creating a tar like substance.
6. Tinctures have been around for centuries and utilize the alcohol and glycerin extraction process.


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