Corona Invests in Cannabis Infused Beverages

Constellation Brands, one of the United States’ largest alcohol distributors, has taken a 9.9% stake in the Canadian cannabis firm Canopy Growth, according to a report by Jennifer Maloney and David George-Cosh in the Wall Street Journal. Canopy and Constellation say they plan to develop cannabis-infused beverages for the legal adult market.
Constellation Brands just became the first big brewer to enter the cannabis space. See Full Story Here:

Woman Cured Of Sciatica Within Hours Of Using CBD Oil

Brenda Davidson says she is virtually pain free since using the oil, which is legally available because it doesn’t contain THC. She suffered from sleep deprivation, and tried to hide the agonizing pain as best she could from close family, but was unable to walk for any distance – something which is no longer a problem since taking the oil. See Full Story Here:

Selling Edibles In California

The sale and regulation of cannabis-infused food products (a.k.a. edibles) is uncharted territory in the new landscape of recreational cannabis. The issues Colorado experienced with edibles in their first year of legalization—such as inconsistent THC servings, consumption by children and accidental consumption by adults—have caused other states to move forward with trepidation and tighter regulations.

These issues have not gone unnoticed in California, where the state prepares to make the move to licensing recreational cannabis cultivators, manufacturers and retailers on January 1, 2018.

If you are interested in breaking into the edibles market, you will need more than just a love of cooking and cannabis—you must follow regulatory compliance down to the letter. Read Full Article Here: