Cannabis Strains

Cannabis Indica Sativa Hybrids

As the cannabis industry continues to "Grow", consumers are always wanting something new to try. This of course is typical of our consumer based society regardless of the industry. We are always looking for the next new thing, whether it's better or not is debatable, however in the case of's all good ! This drive for new products is definitely part of the motivation when it comes to hybrids. Botanists and cannabis growers are always playing with genetics and cross breeding strains to come up with the next new strain for cannabis connoisseurs around the ...

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Cannabis Sativa Strains

Cannabis Sativa is the term given to all cannabis plants legally and scientifically. However in the main stream this plant species has been divided into two categories Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. While genetically there is no difference between the two, there are attributes that are unique to each plant that show just how remarkable cannabis is in it's ability to adapt to a wide range of different environments. One theory based on geographic origin is that a common cannabis species originated in central Asia before separating into distinct sativa and indica ...

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Cannabis Indica Strains

When we talk about marijuana, pot or weed these days it's inspiring to hear the term "Cannabis" being used more frequently among the general population as the propaganda from the past gradually fades away. As a society we are becoming re-educated about this incredible plant that has served us for thousands of years as a medicinal and recreational herb, a plant that seems to be tailor made for humanity ! When we talk about "Cannabis Indica " we are specifically referring to the genotype or landrace that originated in the middle east in the mountains of Afghanistan. We ...

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