Check out the products below from Tamisium:

A superior way to extract botanicals

TE175VRV – 2 oz  Super Deluxe Wide Mouth Package with Heating and Extra RC Tank

TE700VRVI – 8 oz Super Deluxe Wide Mouth Package with Heating and Extra RC Tank

TE3000 Extractor – 1 kilo in 1-2 hours

TE12000 Extractor – 4 kilos in 2-4 hours

Tamisium Extractors Inc are the Creators of the Botanical Extractor, Herbal Extractors and the Closed Passive Extractor which solves closed loop extraction problems.

Their goal has been to safely bring back the creative genius in each of us using the most capable, cost effective solutions and equipment . Tamisium Extractors are so versatile all compounds in a plant are now within our reach.

The Table Top Closed Passive Extractor, Botanical Extractor and Herbal Extractor will allow you to conduct research and testing in the privacy of your own home/lab. Far more economical and easy to use than traditional equipment and the education that comes with it is priceless.

You are not just purchasing Extraction Equipment you are investing in your well being and your future. Sizes available up to 4 kilo size units. Capable of extracting from 120 pounds in 24 hours on high wattage configuration.

Watch Video below on how the Extraction Process works !

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