Cannabis Recipes

Are you looking for delicious and easy to make Cannabis Recipes, then welcome to Cannabis Cuisine your resource for cannabis infused recipes!

Cooking with cannabis has become a mainstream niche as cannabis legalization gains momentum around the world.  From professional chefs at world class restaurants to kitchens at home new Cannabis Recipes are being created everyday.

That’s what Cannabis Cuisine is all about  , a place where everyone can share their favorite Cannabis Recipes with others so we can all enjoy the recreational and medicinal benefits of THC, CBD and other compounds found in cannabis.

Cannabis Cuisine has become a valuable resource for cannabis cooks everywhere, and we invite you to join our recipe forum, anyone can Join For Free ! So Register now, so you can view and rate recipes as well as share your favorite cannabis recipes with the rest of us!

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Cooking With Marijuana

Cooking with Marijuana is becoming one for the most popular ways to enjoy your favorite strains of cannabis, from deserts to entrees, chefs around the world are mixing it up!

Cannabis Cuisine is always on the lookout for the Top Marijuana Recipes to share with our members and we are adding new ones all the time.  Please feel free to browse our recipes and enjoy all of the dank delicacies !

We also urge you to take part in our recipe forum, anyone can Join For Free to view and rate recipes, as well as sharing your favorite ganja classics with the rest of us!

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Jeff The 420 Chef

Meet one of the innovators of Cannabis Cuisine… Jeff the 420 Chef !

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Cannabis Crispies

5 Hot Spots to Taste Cannabis Cuisine

Do you believe that baking good pot into crappy grocery-store brownie mix is like killing a unicorn with a bomb? Do you consider the terroir when deciding exactly which variety of marijuana—you have a selection at hand at all times—you’ll smoke next? If so then you just may be a cannaisseur—that is, an enthusiast of pot-laden foods and pot-and-food pairings.  See Full Story Here:

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Cannabis Cuisine has become Fine Dining

Cannabis is exploding on today’s almost bloated medical cannabis and recreational edibles markets, but what about the herb in fine dining? Mixologists are just beginning to muddle cannabis into iconic cocktails, and chefs in Europe and on both coasts have conquered “hidden” dinners. There’s even been hosted “weed bars” at weddings.  Read Full Story Here:

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Cannabis Cuisine Just Got a Whole lot Fancier

Say so long to brownies, space cakes, and other marijuana-infused baked goods. The edibles reminiscent of college dorm parties are taking a backseat to cannabis cuisine that is emerging with a fancier fare in mind. It’s pretty much a fact that a warm, homemade bagel – fresh lox, a schmear of cream cheese, tomato, red onion, capers, the works can move mountains on any given Sunday morning.  See Full Story:

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