Cannabis Infused Recipes

From home kitchens to world class restaurants around the world cannabis infused recipes are growing in popularity everyday as cooks and chefs explore and experiment with adding cannabis to all types of meals , deserts and even beverages.

A renaissance in cooking with cannabis is under way that goes beyond anything we have ever seen in the past, So much is being learned about the subtleties of cannabis infused recipes.

Chefs with very discerning taste buds and brain cells are doing ground breaking research on how to use the different strains of cannabis to best enhance recipes based on various food types.

Did you know some strains have a very citrus flavor and others taste like pine or have more of a minty taste which is created by the terpenes and flavinoids found in cannabis.

So naturally certain recipes will go better with certain strains of cannabis if these nuances are taken into account when preparing meals.

Cannabis Infused Recipes are also a great way to use cannabis for healing, increasing relaxation and appetite.

Cannabis Infused Recipes

Did you know Cannabis Infused Recipes are gaining popularity throughout the general population ?  Now that legalization is taking hold nationwide and new types of cannabis infuse products are hitting the market,  many people are trying cannabis for the first time.

There are so many opportunities now to experience the medicinal and recreational compounds found in the marijuana plant aside from the traditional method of smoking… and Cannabis Infused Recipes are at the top of the list !

The world of cannabis cuisine is no longer restricted to just brownies and cookies ! Cooks and chefs around the world are learning the subtle art of matching different strains with certain dishes to bring out the best dank dining experience.

That’s why we created Cannabis Cuisine, so that everyone who wants to can share their favorite Cannabis Infused Recipes with others so we can all enjoy the flavors and sensations of cooking with marijuana !

Anyone can Join For Free ! So Register now, so you can view and rate recipes as well as share your favorite marijuana infused recipes with the rest of us!

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Cannabis Infused Recipes

Cooking with Cannabis is a great way to enjoy the recreational and health benefits of one of natures most amazing plants and a great alternative to smoking.

If your looking for delicious Cannabis Infused Recipes then join us here at Cannabis Cuisine, we are your number one source for recipes on Edibles, Fine Cuisine and even Cooking Concentrates like Cannaoil and Cannabutter.

We also urge you to take part in our recipe forum that anyone can Join For Free to view and rate recipes, as well as sharing your favorite cannabis recipes with the rest of us!

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Cannabis Infused Wine Recipe

This is a quick and easy method to infuse already bottled wine without having to go through the fermentation process. Grape Ape is the perfect indica that can help combat anxiety, insomnia, pain, migraines, nausea, headaches, depression, chronic pain and stress relief.  See Full Story Here:

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Jeff The 420 Chef

Meet one of the innovators of Cannabis Cuisine… Jeff the 420 Chef !

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Cannabis Crispies

5 Hot Spots to Taste Cannabis Cuisine

Do you believe that baking good pot into crappy grocery-store brownie mix is like killing a unicorn with a bomb? Do you consider the terroir when deciding exactly which variety of marijuana—you have a selection at hand at all times—you’ll smoke next? If so then you just may be a cannaisseur—that is, an enthusiast of pot-laden foods and pot-and-food pairings.  See Full Story Here:

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