Cannabis Candy

By cannabisqueen  

December 19, 2016

Cannabis Lollipops are the perfect treat to have on hand..easy to make and the perfect way to dose!


2 cups sugar

1 cup light corn syrup

1 cup water

1-2 ounces marijuana tincture

Candy or Lollipop molds

Add your favorite choice of food coloring and flavors!


11. Add sugar, syrup, and water to a pot on the stove over medium-heat.

2Stir until all ingredients have dissolved and bring to a boil.

32. Bring to 300 degrees (F) and slowly stir in color and flavorings.

43. Turn off heat and as quickly as possible stir in marijuana tincture. (see our recipe )

54. Pour into candy or lollipop molds.

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