Apple Vinegar Cannabis Tincture

By cannabisqueen  

May 15, 2017

Apple Vinegar Tincture is another way to extract the compounds from the Cannabis Plant with out the use of alcohol. It can be used in recipes or by the drop just like other tinctures for medicating or simply relaxing.


1/2 ounce dried cannabis buds or sugar leaf trim chopped up, make sure to decarb the cannabis first so the THC is activated

3 cups apple cider vinegar

Large Mason Jar

Scissors and Cheesecloth/Strainer


1Place chopped up cannabis in mason jar

2Add the apple cider vinegar into mason jar

3Close lid and shake vigorously for a few minutes

4Place glass jar in a dark place like a kitchen cabinet or pantry.

5Shake the jar every couple a days for a few minutes for at least 10 days , 30 days is better.

6Strain the tincture with cheesecloth into another clean mason jar. You can also use a funnel and put some in small tincture bottles.

7Your Apple Vinegar Tincture is ready to enjoy in recipes that you choose or simply add drops in your mouth.

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