Alcohol Based Cannabis Tincture

By cannabisqueen  

December 23, 2016

This is a quick and simple method for making one of natures truly amazing elixirs!


2 ounces of bud or sugar leaf high grade cannabis( strain depends on the effect you want )

Cannabis needs to be well cured , do not use freshly harvest buds.

Fifth of Everclear or any brand of 103 proof grain alcohol

2 Large Mason Jars

Cheese Cloth


1Chop the cannabis in a grinder or by hand so that it's course but evenly ground up. ( you do not want it to be a fine powder you want the consistency of what you would use to roll a nice joint, this will prevent plant material from slipping through the cheese cloth )

2Now the Decarboxylation Process: Place the cannabis in a flat baking pan and spread out evenly and cover with tin foil.

3Preheat oven to 250 degrees.

4Place baking pan with cannabis in oven and bake for 45 minutes to one hour. (Depending on your oven's quality, not all ovens are the same) You want the cannabis to change from green to a nice brown color Your kitchen should have a wonderful sweet aroma during the process of baking.

5After Decarboxylation:

6Allow the cannabis in the pan to cool down. Next take the cannabis and evenly divide it between the 2 large mason jars. Next take your Fifth of 103 proof grain alcohol and also evenly divide it between the two mason jars pouring it over the cannabis in each jar.

7Put the lid on both mason jars and shake vigorously. Repeat the process several times shaking and letting it sit over a 48 hour period is plenty of time. The alcohol will take on a deep greenish brown look towards the end, you are good to go !

8Just strain the contents of both mason jars using the cheese cloth into a large container or bowl. From there you can store in cool dark place, preferably in a dark amber colored glass bottles. Your ready to use , this will be very potent, so start out with very small doses or servings.

9A great way to test is to get an amber dropper bottle and start with a couple of drops and go from there as you learn to self-tritate.

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