Category: Drinks

Cannabis Almond Milk

For those that are lactose intolerant Cannabis Almond Milk is the perfect substitute... now you can be healthy and high!

Cannabis Infused Vodka

This is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite vodka cocktail and cannabis... all at the same time!

Bloody MaryJane

The Bloody MaryJane will be your new normal when it comes to enjoying this classic drink ... perfect morning starter to clear your head after a night on the town!

Cannabis Infused Beer

Leave it to the home brewers to lead the way in bringing Canna-Beer to the table. With the knowledge of hops and buds you too can enjoy two of natures refreshing treats !


Got CannaMilk ?  Well you should, there are so many uses for it in cooking cannabis cuisine!

Marijuana Mojito

The Marijuana Mojito will not only quench your thirst ... it will leave you relaxed and euphoric !

Cannabis Hot Chocolate

Cannabis Hot Chocolate... the only 3 words you need to hear on a cool autumn night !

Hot Buttered Bhang

This is an age old classic but worth the time if you want a very strong and hot elixir to set your mind and body free !

Cannabis Coffee Milkshake

How about a Cannabis Coffee Milkshake . Filling , Relaxing and Invigorating!