Category: Desserts & Baked Goods

Cannabis Corn Muffins

Cannabis Corn Muffins are a great snack or perfect with with a hot bowl of soup or chili...and they will keep you chillin all day long!


Banana Bud Bread makes great use of all of those soft bruised bananas that are just packed with good nutrients.

Cannabis Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie

The perfect combo treat, Cannabis, Cinnamon Roll and Oatmeal Cookie all in one!

Cannabutter Cookies

Canna-butter cookies are simple to make and so delicious.  You can't eat just one... but you probably should !

Baked No Bake Cookies

Don't worry this simple yet delicious " No Bake" cookie recipe will still leave you...baked !

Pumpkin Pecan Pot Pie

The pumpkin pecan "Pot" pie is a perfect holiday treat that will leave your guests lounging on the couch long after dinner!

Marijuana Munchie Balls

Marijuana Munchie Balls are the perfect treat for your next party or get together.

Cannabis Cocoa Coffee Cake

This is not your grandma's Coffee Cake !  This delicious recipe combines 3 of our favorite treats... Cannabis, Cocoa and Coffee to give your palate and your mind the perfect experience.

Pot Pastry

These delicious Pot Pastries, are easy to make, perfect with a cup coffee after dinner and they will blow your mind!