Category: Desserts & Baked Goods

Creamy Cannabis Rice Pudding

This Creamy Cannabis Pudding is ambrosia... it's so good going down you won't know what hit you!

Cannabis Cranberry Cake

Cannabis Cranberry Bundt Cake , light, fluffy and full of flavor... perfect for relaxing with a cup of coffee!

Canna Banana Bread Bars

Canna Banana Bread Bars with Canna Butter Frosting are the ultimate high potency snack that are so scrumptious... each bite is a little taste of heaven!

Peanut Canna-Butter Cup Cookies

Warning... Peanut Canna-Butter Cup Cookies are dangerously delicious use caution when gorging!

Marijuana Brownies without the gluten, sugar and carbs

Not so traditional Marijuana brownies. Made without sugar or flour, these treats will make the top of your gluten free list!

Chocolate Bud Biscotti

If you love Biscotti then this recipe will satisfy your craving for Chocolate, Biscotti and Cannabis!

Hashberry Rhubarb Pie

Nothing can put a smile on your face like a good pie, especially one with ingredients like strawberries, rhubarb and... Cannabis!

Raspberry Peach Pot Cobbler

There is absolutely "Nothing" better than Cannabis Cobbler served with ice cream... you will think you have found heaven on earth!

Pumpkin Pot Pancakes

Cannabis Pumpkin Pancakes are a delightful way to start your morning. They will fill you up and leave you smiling... or laughing !