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Ever wonder how much weed to put in your food ? Well things have become a lot more sophisticated when it comes to cooking with cannabis ! First off we need to use a cannabis concentrate when making our dank dishes. So the question becomes how much THC do we want in our cannabutter and how do we figure that out.

Well here at Cannabis Cuisine we came up with a nifty little calculator you can Download for Free and use to help get you in the right ball park at least.

Of course its just to give you a rule of thumb, you would have to have your buds tested for the most accurate THC ratios. However most strains purchased at dispensaries list the THC ratios and you can use that info to give you some idea.

And remember it always a good to start small on you portions wait a couple hours and make sure you can handle the potency of your tasty cannabis creations… use your head !

Download Cannabis Cuisine THC Calculator Now