Cannabis Infused Recipes

From home kitchens to world class restaurants around the world cannabis infused recipes are growing in popularity everyday as cooks and chefs explore and experiment with adding cannabis to all types of meals , deserts and even beverages.

A renaissance in cooking with cannabis is under way that goes beyond anything we have ever seen in the past, So much is being learned about the subtleties of cannabis infused recipes.

Chefs with very discerning taste buds and brain cells are doing ground breaking research on how to use the different strains of cannabis to best enhance recipes based on various food types.

Did you know some strains have a very citrus flavor and others taste like pine or have more of a minty taste which is created by the terpenes and flavinoids found in cannabis.

So naturally certain recipes will go better with certain strains of cannabis if these nuances are taken into account when preparing meals.

Cannabis Infused Recipes are also a great way to use cannabis for healing, increasing relaxation and appetite.

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