Cannabis Indica Sativa Hybrids

As the cannabis industry continues to “Grow”, consumers are always wanting something new to try. This of course is typical of our consumer based society regardless of the industry.

We are always looking for the next new thing, whether it’s better or not is debatable, however in the case of cannabis…it’s all good !

This drive for new products is definitely part of the motivation when it comes to hybrids. Botanists and cannabis growers are always playing with genetics and cross breeding strains to come up with the next new strain for cannabis connoisseurs around the world to enjoy.

Hybrid cannabis strains are created by crossing the Sativa and Indica strains to try and get the best of both worlds when it comes to the effect on the mind and body.

Generally speaking there are 3 types of Cannabis Hybrids.

1. 50% Blends are Hybrids that are roughly 50% Indica and 50% Sativa in genetic composition. The Rogue Thunder strain is a good example of these evenly balanced strains. The plant when growing has characteristics of both Sativa and Indica as well as producing effects that combine both strains. Perfect for appetite and pain relief with a complete body buzz as well as producing a euphoric, cerebral high, while still maintaining coherency. The strain is easy to grow for both indoor and outdoor gardens.

2. Indica Hybrids as the name implies are primarily indica based , usually anywhere from 60%-80% indica with the rest being sativa or ruderalis genetics. A great example would be the well-known Blueberry strain, a cannabis cup winner and favorite for growers and cannabis lovers alike. This strain is 80% indica, with a good balance of THC and CBD to create the desired effects for pain relief, stress relief while still producing a relaxing euphoria.

3. The same rule of thumb as above applies to Sativa Hybrids. Of course anyone familiar with cannabis strains has heard of the strain “Sour Diesel” perhaps one of the most famous hybrid strains in the world. Sour Diesel goes straight to the head with an energetic high and dreamy cerebral effects that have pushed Sour Diesel to its legendary status. Also good for stress and pain relief with a good THC/CBD ration to ensure the desired effect.

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